Sep 08

Raspberry Pi – Media Server

Have ignored my little Raspberry Pi for a while now having been distracted by many other things, but the latest Stuff magazine has awoken me from my slumber.

In the October edition, pg 56 they refer to 3 different uses for a Pi

  • A media streamer,
  • NAS and media server
  • Or a  ZX spectrum

this first option of a media streamer held great appeal to me and although I use an Xbox 360 in my lounge to suck in films from my main rig, having a small portable player that could be taken anywhere, connected via HDMI and given a USB stick or drive sounded perfect.

It is dead simple to all you need to do is the following;

Navigate to the raspbmc website and grab the installer. 

Extract the Zip files to a folder of your chosing

Connect your SD card and run the installer

The installer will then wipe your disk and place the Raspbmc on your card. Once complete connect your card to the Pi, make sure you have a Ethernet connection and power up.

Follow the on screen prompts to install the OS. This took about 10 minutes and involved capture of files from the net and a couple of restarts.

Once booted you can configure for your needs. Under settings there are a number of UPnP options, http options, airplay control and other tweaks that you may wish to make. In my personal use there will be no network connection, so I left as is.

You are finally left with defining where your media resides from the many options available and can begin watching your media. Perfect.